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Montauk IV Drip Therapy

People who live in Montauk prefer integrative and organic approaches to medicine that help support their health-conscious lifestyles. Your friends and neighbors from Montauk, Napeague, Springs, Northwest Harbor, and the surrounding areas support their wellness with Nuhydration’s IV therapies, which infuse their bodies with the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants they need. Montauk Residents who enjoy visiting places like Lake Montauk, Montauk Point State Park, Fort Pond, Hither Woods Preserve, Hither Hills State Park, Ditch Plains Beach, Camp Hero State Park, Shadmoor State Park, Kirk Park Beach, and Amsterdam Beach State Park are pleased that IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, making them available instantly and providing your body with the opportunity to absorb the amount of nutrients it needs without losing any in the digestive tract.

In addition to correcting nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies in your body, some of the potential benefits of NuHydration’s IV treatments include:

  • Helping you fight off colds and infections
  • Enhancing your mental clarity and overall performance
  • Fighting fatigue and increasing your energy levels
  • Giving your skin a more youthful appearance
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Alleviating hangover symptoms
  • Reducing Lyme disease symptoms
  • Hydrating and renewing yourself
  • Improving your memory

Montauk Mobile IV Therapy

NuHydration is changing the culture of impersonal, quick-fix IVs by bringing one of upstate New York’s first mobile IV services directly to our Montauk clients’ doors. Residents of Montauk who like to take a whole-body approach to wellness can now enjoy convenient IV vitamin therapy tailored to their nutritional needs. Because we believe that compassionately and efficiently caring for clients is a vital part of health care, NuHydration is pioneering a “nu” approach to IV nutrient therapy. Our medical staff listens to each client and treats them with kindness and compassion. Rather than forcing you to comply with the limitations of a practice’s schedule, our team of mobile IV nurses is dedicated to providing you with medical services in the comfort of your Montauk home, office or vacation rental that fit as seamlessly as possible into your life. Plus, unlike other IV providers, we provide you with a pre-treatment consultation, during which we learn your medical history and your goals for IV nutrient therapy, explain our IV formulations, and answer all of your questions.

Mobile IV Infusions in Montauk, Long Island

Enjoy a relaxing, spa-like experience in your Montauk home while one of our registered nurses provides you with exceptional care throughout your IV treatment. Our Montauk clients tell us that they appreciate how quickly and easily they can schedule appointments with NuHydration for safe and convenient vitamin and mineral IV therapies tailored to their nutritional needs. Unlike other IV providers, the NuHydration medical staff provides you with a pre-treatment consultation during which we learn your medical history and your goals for IV nutritional therapy, explain our IV formulations, and answer all of your questions. We provide every Montauk client with efficient, kind and compassionate medical care to make their NuHydration infusion experiences as seamless as possible.

Our IVs

Safe, effective IV therapies administered in the comfort of your home or in our lounge by our professional medical team.

NuMMunity C

Boost Your Immune System
NuMMunity C IV Therapy Drip Learn More

Nu Day

Hangover Less
Nu Day Learn More


Hydrate Your Body & Mind
NuHydration IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Myers

Restore Your Mind, Body & Soul
Nu Myers IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Boost

Regain Your Energy
Nu Boost IV Drip Therapy Learn More


Cleanse Your Workweek Away
DETOX Nu IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Calm

Relax & Restore
Nu Calm IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Glow

Get Back Your Glow
Nu Glow IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Youth

Be Young & Free
Nu Youth IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Lyme reNU

Tackle Lyme Symptoms
Lyme reNU IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Montauk’s Most Highly Recommended IV Hydration Therapy

Montauk residents who live in neighborhoods near Napeague Bay, Fort Pond Bay, 2nd House Road, Fort Lane, N. Shore Road, Red Rock Road, S. Dewey Place, S. Emerson Avenue, Madison Drive, Jefferson Road, Bryan Road, Old Montauk Highway, Caswell Road, Benson Drive, Oceanside Drive, and Old West Lake Drive trust NuHydration for IV therapy that infuses their bodies with the nutrients they need for wellness support. Our clients from the Montauk area value integrative and organic approaches to medicine and speak highly of NuHydration’s IV therapies. Your health-conscious Montauk friends and neighbors recommend NuHydration for convenient and safe vitamin and mineral IV therapies tailored to your nutritional needs.

IV Treatment Supports Cold Recovery

NuHydration came to my rescue when I was sick with a horrible cold. My job is demanding and I can’t take a lot of sick time, so I needed something that would help me feel better quickly. The kind and caring nurse from NuHydration arrived on time and quickly and carefully set up my IV treatment full of vitamins. Even though I wasn’t feeling well, I was relaxed and comfortable during the at-home treatment. The IV had me feeling better quickly. I recommend NuHydration to anyone who needs a pick-me-up.”
~ Rebecca M., Montauk Resident, 11954, Google Review

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Curious about trying our mobile IV concierge service? Call or text us at 516-253-2561, or email info@nuhydration.com to discuss how NuHydration’s nutrient infusion therapy can help support your health and wellness.