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IV Hydration: As Seen In

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Potential Benefits of IV Nutrient Therapy

Health-conscious people who value organic and integrative approaches to medicine turn to NuHydration’s IV therapies to infuse their bodies with the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants they need to support their wellness. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into the bloodstream, making them available instantly and providing your body with the opportunity to absorb the nutrients it needs without losing any in the digestive tract. In addition to correcting nutrient deficiencies and insufficiencies in your body, some of the potential benefits of NuHydration’s IV treatments include:

  • Helping you fight off colds and infections
  • Enhancing your mental clarity and overall performance
  • Fighting fatigue and increasing your energy levels
  • Giving your skin a more youthful appearance
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Alleviating hangover symptoms
  • Reducing Lyme disease symptoms
  • Hydrating and renewing yourself
  • Improving your memory

Our IVs

Safe, effective IV therapies administered in the comfort of your home or in our lounge by our professional medical team.

NuMMunity C

Boost Your Immune System
NuMMunity C IV Therapy Drip Learn More

Nu Day

Hangover Less
Nu Day Learn More


Hydrate Your Body & Mind
NuHydration IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Myers

Restore Your Mind, Body & Soul
Nu Myers IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Boost

Regain Your Energy
Nu Boost IV Drip Therapy Learn More


Cleanse Your Workweek Away
DETOX Nu IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Calm

Relax & Restore
Nu Calm IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Glow

Get Back Your Glow
Nu Glow IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Nu Youth

Be Young & Free
Nu Youth IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Lyme reNU

Tackle Lyme Symptoms
Lyme reNU IV Drip Therapy Learn More

Why Choose NuHydration?

Our medical team designed NuHydration’s safe and convenient IV treatments with your nutritional needs in mind. Learn why we’re the IV therapy provider your local friends and neighbors depend on to help them feel better quickly:

Expansive Menu of Target IV Treatments

Our medical staff will consult with you to help you select the treatment you need from our niche selection of specifically targeted IV infusions. Our unique blends of IV nutrients, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants flow directly into your bloodstream to address your nutritional needs and help you feel better quickly.

Safe Vitamin Infusions

Our infusions are produced for us by an FDA-compliant 503a compounding pharmacy that adheres to all cGMP regulations, ensuring that they’re safe for use and are of the highest standards possible in vial and liquid form.

Safe and Convenient Infusion Appointments

From our experienced nurses to the option of receiving mobile IV therapy or coming to our conveniently located Hudson Valley infusion lounge, you can rest assured that NuHydration’s vitamin and mineral therapies are a safe and convenient way to support your wellness. Plus, we make it fast and easy for you to schedule appointments and strive to arrive on time for mobile appointments, making your infusion experience as seamless as possible.

Personal Attention

Our clients appreciate the whole-health approach of our experienced nurse practitioner. NuHydration’s tight-knit team of nurses strives to provide each client with exceptional care during their IV infusions.


You’ll enjoy a spa-like, relaxing experience as one of our registered nurses administer your IV vitamin therapy in our new, comfortable IV infusion lounge or the convenience of your home, office or vacation rental.


Leveraging over 35 years of clinical experience, our Chief Medical Officer has designed each of NuHydration’s IV vitamin infusions to tackle a specific wellness issue. Our knowledgeable and experienced nursing practitioner and nursing staff can address your questions and help you select the nutrient infusion that’s best suited to your needs.

The NuHydration Experience

Pick the most appropriate IV for your needs
Schedule a convenient appointment
Our nurse practitioner will call you to review your medical history
Once cleared, we come to you, or you come to us
Feel energized, hydrated, and healthy

IV Drip Fees

In-lounge IV Fee: $215-245 (based on IV drip)

Mobile IV Fees: $215-245 (based on IV drip)
+ Travel Fee: Upstate NY $100 / The Hamptons $200 (Under 20 Minutes)
Upstate NY $150 / The Hamptons $250 (20-40 Minutes)
Upstate NY $250 / The Hamptons $300 (40-60 Minutes)
Upstate NY $400 / The Hamptons $450 (Over 60 Minutes)

Additional Mobile IVs: $215-245 (based on IV drip) + $75 Service Fee per person.

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NuHydration serves the Dutchess, Hudson Valley, Orange, and Ulster Counties, the following towns, and surrounding areas:

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NuHydration serves Suffolk County, Long Island, including the following towns and surrounding areas:

A Nu Way to IV!

Relax. Rehydrate. ReNu.

Research and news publications are a valuable source of information about hydration therapy as a safe and convenient way to get and stay healthy! Learn about the research-supported benefits of hydration therapy and read why more and more people are infusing their bodies with the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and antioxidants they need to support their wellness. Join the numerous health-conscious people who turn to NuHydration’s vitamin and mineral therapies to address their nutritional needs.

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